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Ideas For Japanese Home Interior

Posted by albina schmidt at Monday, March 20, 2017.

Japanese Home Decor

Japan is the country of unique home, almost all of the Japanese home interior use wooden material made ​​simple and not too much stuff in it. Japanese house deliberately designed as a home for the earthquake region such as Japan’s, so it will not cause severe damage when an earthquake. The following will explain the home interior japan.

Japanese houses are usually made ​​looks like stage and elevated approximately 10 cm from the ground and covered with wooden beams for the floor, it aims to avoid moisture from the soil. The kitchen area and the main room has a floor made ​​from wood, the floor is covered with a type called tatami matting. Japanese people are not use a chair in this room, they usually sit with tatami or use a thin pillow called zabuton. Tatami is a kind of thick mats made ​​of straw, has been used in Japanese homes since about 600 years ago.

In the past the walls of the house are made of bamboo matting glued to the ground, but now many other materials used to make the walls of Japanese houses. Materials commonly used today are plywood. In the past many houses that have poles that are hidden behind the walls. The house is made with the new method to put poles in the walls to reduce the danger of a fire. In the Meiji era a lot of roofs covered with straw, but now the roof is usually covered with tile roofs called Kawara. Japanese homes today are made with a combination of traditional style and modern technology. The following are some sample photos of Japanese home and the interior.

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