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Laundry Room Wall Decor Ideas

Posted by elfrida schmidt at Sunday, March 19, 2017.

In general, your laundry room just plain ordinary and very boring. It had not occurred in your mind that should the laundry room design attention. Because you generally think that the laundry room is used only at certain times only. From now on, pay attention to laundry room wall decor for the sake of beauty.

Well, we start laundry room wall decor with the first step. Take the average of wall hooks, for example. Get rid of it and find something more decorative. Find a wall sculpture made of metal hooks which look more like a work of art than anything else.

At first glance, should not see that there is a hook with but found something that is visually appealing. This should be the center of your laundry room, instead of dirty laundry. Once you have your hook to hold on to it? You can put a beautiful silk shawl ofyour here to see on the screen, but put ofinside bedroom dresser. You may want to re-hang the small potted plants in space. Anyway, choose something unique that you like.

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